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Buyers ask suppliers to join Ariba Network so you can work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments. Doing so through Ariba Network can save you both a lot of time and money.

As a supplier on Ariba Network, you tap into the world’s largest B2B marketplace, with millions of companies doing business at more than double the volume of Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay combined. Ariba Network makes it simple to:

  • Accelerate the sales cycle while lowering the cost of sales

  • Find new customers who are ready to buy

  • Respond to RFP/RFI, submit proposals, and negotiate contracts

  • Boost sales through catalogs

  • Handle purchase orders, send invoices, and receive payments

  • Know when you’ll get paid and for what

  • Strengthen customer relationships and increase customer retention


One way to think of Ariba Network is as the Amazon.com for business.

P.J. Jakovljevic, Technology Evaluation Center
Ariba Network suppliers have many online sessions to choose from

New to Ariba Network?

Register for Supplier Success Sessions, webinars and demos with live Q&A. Topics include intro to Ariba Network, registration, light accounts, auctions, RFI/RFP, and invoicing. New topics added often.

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SAP Ariba offers easy-access online demos

Want more from Ariba Network?

Get helpful info and tips during our 30 on Thursdays series, weekly half-hour webinars included in your subscription. Topics include subscriptions, integration, organizing multiple accounts, generate sales, finding new customers, full-use account benefits, and more.

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The Markets Are Open for Business

This report explains how working with SAP Ariba gives you access to not only the leading B2B platform, but also to professionals who can help optimize your use of Ariba Network, connecting you with opportunities matched to your business.

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With Ariba Network, we have smooth and transparent transactions with the buyers and fewer errors in ordering and delivery. More importantly, since we started getting paid faster, we now have a positive cash flow.

Mayette Yulo, Owner, Charles Seafoods Supply