SAP Ariba PunchOut

Eliminate manual catalog maintenance with SAP Ariba PunchOut

SAP Ariba PunchOut is an easy, low-cost way to provide your buyers with customized content, personalized shopping experiences, and timely content updates. It is especially helpful when:

  • Your catalog content changes frequently

  • You offer highly configurable items that require complex ordering or customization

  • Your catalog is large, with over a thousand items

With help from SAP Ariba, you can establish connections that enable buyers to “punch out” to your website and see current items, prices, and ordering options.

Drive sales with a consumer-like shopping experience

SAP Ariba PunchOut is a highly flexible tool that lets you:

  • Extend the product and service content on your website to instantly update catalog content

  • Present your products and services the way you want buyers to see them – with photos, co-branding, customized promotions, recommended accessories and services, pre-negotiated pricing, and more

  • Offer one-click shopping so you can receive and respond to orders faster, boosting customer satisfaction

  • Control the product information each customer sees, such as price, inventory, and branding

  • Employ your merchandising team’s expertise to boost up-sells, cross-sells, and order quantity

You’ll also receive more accurate orders since PunchOut catalogs ensure your customers always see your latest content. And before your PunchOut catalog content goes live, you can conduct buyer-specific, closed-loop testing to ensure a seamless, tailored customer experience.

Presentation: What Is PunchOut?

Learn more about the benefits and see a demo of SAP Ariba PunchOut in this short presentation.


Using Ariba PunchOut to replace a customer’s CIF catalog helped us increase sales by 300% in three years while saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars – a true win-win.

Barry Eisenberg, Business Development, Contracts & E-Procurement, B&H Photo
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