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2022 Benchmark Survey Insights

Key metrics and best practices to improve source-to-pay performance

Do you need to build a business case to justify investment in a procurement digital transformation program? Do you want to assess outcomes from your source-to-pay solutions compared to other companies? Are you looking for KPIs to guide continuous improvement of your source-to-pay function? If so, this report can help.

Gaining a clear picture of your procurement performance and process performance depends on accurate measurement – not just against your own internal goals, but also in relation to industry peers. SAP makes this easier by regularly gathering and analyzing extensive benchmark data from hundreds of leading companies worldwide, then providing access to the information in a series of reports.

Based on benchmark surveys conducted over the past two years, this 2022 report covers the key metrics in procurement processes across the source-to-pay cycle. Download now to read more.

Download report The SAP Ariba Benchmark Program