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ARC Document Solutions

How improving procure-to-pay processes allows a supplier to achieve time and cost savings through improves customer collaboration

ARC Document Solutions LCC is dedicated to delighting its customers every day across nearly 200 locations worldwide. ARC Document Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary in India that embodies this dedication by collaborating with businesses to deliver the best customer experience. To improve its collaboration with customers, the company wanted to implement a modern, innovative procurement system that would replace manual processes, increase employee productivity, and enable cost savings.

Ariba Network allowed the subsidiary to reduce their manual processes by over 90% which led to an increase in productivity. They now process over $25 million in transactions annually over 20,000 purchase orders and invoices which are automatically transacted through Ariba Network.

ARC Document Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has also experienced an increase in the number of clients due to the operational time savings. The savings also enabled them to reallocate more than 12 employee resources to engage in other value-added activities.

Download this business transformation study for more details.

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