Going Beyond the Ordinary: Deliver Procurement Excellence to Your Customers

Celebrating the Procurement Leaders Excellence Award, with the director of procurement operations for Ralph Lauren

Excellence in procurement demands that we exceed customer expectations and develop capabilities to meet their needs. The Procurement Leaders Excellence Award, in partnership with SAP Ariba, celebrates the teams that bring together skills, technology, and leadership to achieve outstanding results for customers.

Enjoy this webinar replay, which will provide you with the stories behind the best entries, including:

  • The ways award winners distinguished themselves from the competition
  • The definition, measurement, and recognition of procurement excellence
  • Key decision points successful leaders use to put customers at the heart of their development
  • The role that leaders play in helping procurement take big steps forward


  • Gia Van Haute, Director, Procurement Operations, Ralph Lauren
  • Chris Haydon, SVP, Customer Value, SAP Ariba
  • Steve Hall, Director of Content and Community, Procurement Leaders
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