Helping the World Run Better with SAP Ariba: Procurement with Purpose

SAP Ariba has a mission to make procurement awesome. Our higher goal is to improve people’s lives through our procurement with purpose initiative.

Did you know that research suggests that companies with strong performance in environmental, social, and governance outperform the market by 4.8%? And that these companies gain cheaper financing due to reduced risk?*

This suggests that operating with purpose can have not only a positive impact on the world at large, but also on your bottom line.

Download this paper to read about the ways SAP Ariba's commitment to purpose manifests in our vision, innovations, and partnerships. Everything we do at SAP Ariba is procurement with purpose, and we strive to help the world run better through a positive impact on labor conditions and other human rights of the people and communities we touch.

We invite you and your company to join us.

* See page 5


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