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The five secrets of moving procurement to the cloud

Every one of us, every company and every process, is impacted by the reality of rapidly changing technology. Procurement, sourcing, supply chain, accounts payable, and financing – and those of us who manage them – are no exception. The way we research, make, and pay for purchases at home and at work has forever changed and will keep changing.

To adapt to this new way of working, your business will move procurement to the cloud, if you haven’t already. How can you be sure you’ll be successful?

At SAP Ariba, we want you to make the jump to the cloud and hit the ground running. So we asked ourselves: What’s the difference between a happy customer and one who isn’t?

You’ll find the answers in this e-book, written by Alex Atzberger while he served as president of SAP Ariba. Download it now to learn the best practices and secrets we’ve gathered from working with thousands of customers, large and small, while taking them to the cloud.