The 2016 ProcureCon Indirect East Benchmarking Report

What would be your first step toward expanding your department’s influence over more indirect spend?

Start with your company’s C-level execs.

As you’ll read in ProcureCon’s latest benchmarking report, Procurement’s ability to recapture indirect spending is getting the C-suite’s attention. In some cases, this expansion of influence accounts for upwards of 80% of the total addressable indirect spending of their organizations.

Based on a survey of 114 procurement executives and interviews with industry experts and leaders, the report’s analysis and benchmarks shed light on the challenging indirect spend categories procurement is now focusing on, like non-contracted tail spend, energy, and IT.

Download it now to learn how to…

  • create a plan for expanding your department’s influence over indirect spend
  • control the significant cost of non-contracted tail spend
  • boost Procurement’s contribution to business growth