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The CEO Role in Best-Run Midsize Companies

How leaders of best-run companies leverage data and intelligent technologies

As companies of all sizes continue to adapt to the digital economy, they’re looking for new and more efficient ways to drive revenue, empower employees, and respond to customer needs. To identify the specific factors and challenges that impact midsize companies as they strive to become best-run, digitally-engaged companies, IDC conducted a survey of nearly 2,000 midsize firms worldwide.

Their research shows that best-run companies significantly outperform laggards by as much as eight times in revenue growth and seven times in customer satisfaction. The differences often come down to leadership. Only the CEO, president, or business owner can provide the strategic guidance to support effective investment, staff encouragement, and process reinvention.

Download this IDC InfoBrief for a look at the key factors that set leaders of best-run companies apart, including analysis of their:

  • Redefined role
  • Key priority areas
  • Major pain points
  • Strategies and tactics for supporting business performance

Wrapping up the brief, IDC provides six key takeaway recommendations for business leaders

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