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Top Seven Issues Facing Procurement Leaders in 2023 and How to Solve Them

We’re in a critical era for procurement

Procurement leaders around the globe are facing challenges in safeguarding security of supply amid ongoing disruption, a looming recession, soaring inflation, and rising interest rates. At the same time, they face other challenges such as meeting rapidly evolving customer demands, accelerating time-to-market, and delivering on their company’s sustainability commitments.

It’s a lot to deal with, but it’s also a huge opportunity for procurement leaders to prove their worth within their organization.

In this new e-book from SAP, we explore the top seven issues facing procurement leaders in 2023, including:

  • Reducing risk
  • Containing costs
  • Accelerating procurement digital transformation
  • Mitigating talent disruption
  • Driving corporate sustainability

Download your free copy to learn how to meet these challenges head on.

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