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SAP Ariba Benchmarking Data Policy Commitments

Participants can rely on the following data privacy commitments implemented in our SAP Ariba benchmarking programs:

  1. Client names appear only in reports and diagnostic outputs provided back to the customer whose data was benchmarked.
  2. Client names will not appear in reports created for customers or prospects other than themselves.
  3. SAP Ariba may publicly disclose participant information or participant responses only in aggregate or anonymous form. Data shared with other customers or prospects (other than the customer whose data was benchmarked in the program) only appears at the aggregate industry, region, and program levels (that is, across all customers participating in the particular benchmarking program module).
  4. When we compare a customer with other participants' data, we do not reveal the names of the other participants. We compare against quartiles derived by aggregating the data at the industry, region, or program levels.
  5. SAP Ariba does not communicate any participant information or participant responses identifiable as a participant's to anyone except SAP Ariba employees.
  6. Benchmark metric is reported only if seven or more participants contribute data for that metric. Best-in-class number will be withheld if it is 50 percent of the aggregate number for the specific metric.
  7. No specific response links to a participant's name or alludes to a participant and only SAP Ariba has the codes necessary to link a participant with their responses, data, reports, performance, or results.
  8. Participation in any benchmarking program module does not grant SAP Ariba any right to use any trademark, trade names, or logos proprietary to the participant; and such use is governed by the terms of the Master Software License Agreement (or other similar agreement) if one exists.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.