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Free to join, free to transact for your suppliers

Just as you rely on SAP Business Network to transact seamlessly with your fully enabled, strategic suppliers, you can digitalize transactions with all your low-volume, fee-sensitive suppliers, too. The answer is to provide them with a standard account, activated through our standard enablement process. It’s a simple way to satisfy any supplier’s concerns about changing the way they do business.

  • Requiring no change management, a standard account enables suppliers to collaborate with you on all basic document types: orders, invoices, confirmations, invoice status notifications, and payment proposals.

  • There is no limit to the number of documents exchanged.

  • It's easy. Using e-mail and web browsers, you can send any supplier your purchase orders immediately. Upon registering, they can send confirmations and flip orders into invoices with a single click.

  • There are no fees for suppliers. They can choose if, and when, they want value-added services for a fee.

  • Suppliers can create self-enabled catalogs to feature their products and services, which improves the buying experience.

  • When a supplier wants advanced e-commerce capabilities, like supply chain collaboration or integration with their back-end systems, it’s easy for them to upgrade their SAP Business Network subscription. 

Product Features

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Easy to use

It’s fast and easy to enable suppliers and provide them a simple way to receive orders, confirm, and flip them to invoices.

Laptop showing SAP Ariba's Light Enablement application on the screen

No fees for suppliers

Included as part of your SAP Business Network subscription, standard account is completely free for your suppliers.

No change requirements

No change management, and no new investment in IT required for your suppliers. That means no extra support required on your part.

Transact electronically

It's easier than ever for you to transact electronically with all your suppliers.

100 percent supplier enablement

Using both enterprise and standard accounts, you can enable the right supplier with the right account and achieve 100 percent adoption. That means less paper, less labor, fewer errors, and better control over your supply chain.