SAP Ariba Catalog Management

Strengthen catalog management

When you handle catalog management over Ariba Network, you can:

  • Improve purchase order accuracy

  • Accelerate responsiveness to customers

  • Encourage compliance with procurement processes

  • Enhance cash flow

SAP Ariba offers flexible catalog management options like these to help you create, deploy, and maintain your catalogs:

  • CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) – Enter your product and price information in a template built with Microsoft Excel.

  • SAP Ariba PunchOut – Provide your customers with an shopping experience that lets them select purchases from a customized, shopping cart-enabled website.

Learn more about SAP Ariba PunchOut

Tools available in Ariba Network include a comprehensive dashboard so you can manage all catalog activity, facilitate buyer-supplier collaboration, and gain visibility into catalog update status. Technical support is available if you want help maintaining your catalogs.


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