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HP India

Leveraging Ariba Network to deliver a best-in-class experience to customers

Watch this short video to hear from HP India’s e-commerce manager, Manjunath Prabhakar. He shares how Ariba Network has helped the company deliver over the past decade a best-in-class experience to its customers. HP is a leader in the print and PC business, and from their 10 offices in India they serve 15 multinational companies.

Over the past few years, HP India has seen a gradual rise in the number of e-orders it processes, now handling more than 5,000 annually.

This has encouraged them to work with SAP Ariba to implement solutions for PunchOut catalogs, purchase order integration, invoicing, and financial-claim handling. These e-procurement solutions have enabled them to keep their back-office costs down. They are now on track to processing 80% of their orders electronically by the end of 2020.

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