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More efficient communication and collaboration

Invoice collaboration is a new capability that will be available with SAP Ariba solutions for invoice management. This innovation will bring the unstructured communications conducted via phone and email into the SAP Ariba system and will facilitate natural, in-context collaboration between Accounts Payable, users, and suppliers so you can quickly resolve invoice reconciliation issues.

  • It will make it easier for buyers and suppliers to share transaction information within their organizations; this will be especially helpful when someone is away or leaves the company.
  • Linking communications directly with specific transactions will enable trading partners to quickly and efficiently reference, access, and share relevant information.
  • In-context collaboration will help to identify quickly the right people to contact in both the buyer and supplier organizations to resolve issues.
  • By eliminating the occurrence of unstructured phone or email communications outside the system, you will be able to minimize reconciliation delays and boost productivity.
  • With more timely payment of invoices, you'll not only be able to strengthen supplier relationships, you’ll also be better equipped to take advantage of payment terms and discounts.

Product Features

Smart interactions

Use smart interactions for fast, accurate invoice processing.

Get connected

Connections to the right people to resolve issues quickly.

It's up to you

Configure preferred communication method: text, phone, and/or email.

Stay informed

Link relevant information to transactions.

Comprehensive audit trail


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