Be proactive about connecting

You don’t have to wait for your customers to invite you to transact over Ariba Network. There's a simple way to reach out to your customers already on Ariba Network and invite them to connect with you.

Use the seller self-nomination tool if you are an account administrator or have the Customer Administrator permission:

  1. Sign in to your Ariba Network account
  2. At the top of the home dashboard, choose Company Settings > Customer Relationships.
  3. Click the Potential Relationships tab to see a list of buying organizations that currently have projects.
  4. Click the name of a buying organization or click View Project in the Action column to view the details. SAP Ariba displays the Supplier Self-Nomination wizard.
  5. Enter details about your organization and specify your notification preferences.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the profile details and do one of the following:
  • Click Previous to return to the first steps of the Supplier Self-Nomination wizard.
  • Click Submit to send a trading relationship request.
  • Click Save as Draft if you want to update your profile details and return to the request later to submit it.
  • Click Exit to leave the Supplier Self-Nomination wizard without saving the information.

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