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Simple, secure, on-time payment

Our revolutionary B2B payment capability provides a direct, automated link from PO to invoice, payment, and settlement. It gives you real-time visibility into payment status along with rich remittance detail when your payment arrives. You’ll know when a payment is scheduled, when it's on the way, and what it's for – without contacting your customer.

When your customers use the payment capability, you get the visibility, functionality, and collaborative capabilities you need to make the payment process simple and successful. It delivers all the right resources to manage B2B payments effectively and make cash management easy.

Get payment ready so you can jumpstart your way to receive perfect payments.

Product Features

End-to-end visibility

Clear visibility of payment status throughout the settlement cycle eradicates questions and disputes.

Real-time access

Complete remittance information on every payment tells you exactly what funds are for so you can apply payments quickly.

Error-free processing

Automated reconciliation eliminates manual entry and rekeying, reducing errors, and processing costs.

Safety and security

Payments are sent safely to your bank account through the trusted infrastructure of our partner's network. This eliminates the need to store sensitive financial information in buyer ERP systems.