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Order Management

Expedite and enhance order management with SAP Ariba

Through Ariba Network, you can implement end-to-end automation of your order management processes to collaborate with customers more efficiently and effectively on:

  • orders
  • change orders
  • confirmations
  • cancellations
  • advanced shipping notices

When customers use Ariba Network to send you purchase orders, the orders are displayed in your account right away. You can then use your account to send order confirmations and ship notices – even if you’ve never sent those documents over Ariba Network before.

With centralized, streamlined order management communication through a consolidated collaboration dashboard, you can let your customers know as soon as their orders have been received and shipped.

Handling Purchase Orders

This short video explains how to view purchase orders and submit order confirmations and ship notices.

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Learn more about fulfillment on Ariba Network

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Get real-time visibility into payment status

The payment capability makes cash management easy. When your customers use it, you'll know when a payment is on the way and what it's for.

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Get rid of paper and go digital with electronic invoicing. It’s the smart invoicing approach that simplifies invoice processing to help you get paid on time.

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SAP Ariba Supplier mobile app

Use our role-based, action-oriented app to get timely notifications and take immediate action on orders and invoices.

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