Cloud Fuels the New Engine of Business Innovation

A BriefingsDirect podcast

In this BriefingsDirect podcast hosted by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, you’ll hear about the expanding impact that cloud computing is having as a strategic business revolution.

Over the past five years, the impetus for cloud adoption has been primarily about advancing IT infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) fabric or utility model and increasingly seeking both applications and discrete IT workload support services from Internet-based providers.

But as adoption of these models has unfolded, it's become clear that the impacts and implications of cloud commerce are much broader and more of a benefit to the business as a whole, as an innovation engine, even across whole industries. It’s not just an IT efficiency shift.

Joining Dana is a panel of experts and practitioners who discuss how enterprises have a unique opportunity to gain powerful new means to greater business outcomes. The panel includes:

  • Ed Cone, managing editor of thought leadership at Oxford Economics
  • Ralf Steinbach, director of global software architecture at Groupe Danone
  • Bryan Acker, culture change ambassador TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications firm
  • Tim Minahan, chief marketing officer for SAP Cloud and Line of Business Solutions
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