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Business Networks Are Growing Up

A Forrester study about the ups and downs of supply chain innovation and collaboration

In 2018, SAP Ariba commissioned Forrester Consulting to follow up on a study conducted in 2015, which queried 28 buyer or supplier professionals. For this report, Forrester conducted eight interviews with supply chain professionals, consultants, and leaders to see how they are using supply chain or business networks for collaboration and innovation. Forrester learned that companies initially implement a business network so they can automate transactions and save time and money. But as they implement and use these networks, they are realizing other strategic benefits.

Download this complimentary report now to learn more about how:

  • Business networks improve the efficiency of transactions
  • New technologies, like advanced analytics and IoT, are helping firms innovate and collaborate
  • Network implementation challenges technology, people, and processes
  • It can be difficult to see beyond the first phase of integration

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