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Avec les solutions cloud de SAP Ariba, favorisez la collaboration et devenez plus compétitif

SAP Ariba met en relation des entreprises qui réalisent des transactions commerciales à l'aide de nos solutions de commerce collaboratif et Ariba Network. Nous aidons les acheteurs et les fournisseurs de plus de 2,5 millions d'entreprises et de 190 pays à découvrir de nouveaux débouchés, collaborer sur des transactions et tisser des relations.

Vous pouvez maintenant gérer l'intégralité du processus d'achat, contrôler les dépenses, trouver de nouvelles sources d'économie et mettre en place une chaîne logistique efficace.

Découvrez toutes les solutions SAP Ariba et rejoignez ce marché numérique dynamique, qui génère plus de 2,5 milliards de dollars de transactions chaque jour.

SAP Ariba provides buyers, such as this smiling executive, with a dynamic, guided experience

Achieve full transparency into spending

Capture data and classify it according to your company and industry standards, then enrich it with market intelligence for insights into company-wide spending. Uncover buying trends with integrated solutions, linked data sources, and augmented analytics. Run what-if scenarios to improve planning and create leaner, flexible, and compliance-boosting processes. Increase both the quality and speed of decisions across your organization by giving buyers – and suppliers – near-real-time visibility into the purchase process from end to end.

More about spend analysis

Provide a dynamic, guided experience

Improve adoption and compliance with a simple, guided-buying solution that employees will use. Serve up customized suppliers, commodities, and processes for each user. They can find in one place everything they need – including unsourced goods – and save time with an automated approval process. You can even employ machine learning to avoid purchasing items from a bill of materials that aren’t on contract: SAP Ariba automatically finds sourced materials that are similar and suggests the best alternatives to buyers.

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Integrate your direct spend processes

Seamlessly integrate your direct spend procurements processes with your Product Lifecycle Management, ERP, and SAP Integrated Business Planning systems. You’ll have greater supplier collaboration capability to bring to market what customers want, faster and more efficiently. Source multi-level BOMs on a single platform. Integrate production steps to progress simultaneously. And collaborate with multiple tiers of suppliers to manage your non-linear and external supply chains to increase fill rates and ensure you can satisfy customers when they’re ready to buy.

Solutions for Direct Spend

Découvrir nos solutions

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Strategic Sourcing

Collaborez avec des fournisseurs qualifiés, accélérez vos cycles d'approvisionnement et créez des contrats extrêmement compétitifs pour réaliser des économies durables pour tous vos besoins en approvisionnement.

Strategic Sourcing
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Procurement Solutions

With the control that SAP Ariba guided buying and spot buy capabilities provide, you can cut supply costs by as much as 10% and lower processing costs by 25% to 60%.

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Gestion des fournisseurs

SAP Ariba fournit le seul portefeuille intégré de solutions qui vous permet de gérer l'intégralité des aspects fournisseurs (informations, cycle de vie, performances, risques), de manière totalement centralisée.

Gestion des fournisseurs
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Solutions for Direct Spend

Connect the people, partners, processes, and information needed to manage all design-to-deliver activities in a simple, smart, and open way.

Direct Spend Solutions
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Gestion financière de la chaine d'approvisionnement

Transformez votre comptabilité fournisseurs en atout stratégique, augmentez votre flux de trésorerie disponible, libérez votre fonds de roulement et améliorez votre chiffre d'affaires.

Gestion financière de la chaine d'approvisionnement
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Services for Buyers

Before and after deployment, SAP Ariba Services provide support for change management, adoption, connectivity, and much more.

Services for Buyers
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SAP continues to enhance its procurement application suite through its enhanced strategic relationship with iCertis, the acquisition of working capital management firm Taulia, and the launch of the SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

IDC, Worldwide Procurement Applications Software Market Shares, 2021
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