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Combine multiple simple and secure payment capabilities with rich, timely, and contextual remittance

Limited remittance data. Daily phone calls asking, “Where’s my payment?” It’s all so 20th century, riddled with uncertainty, complexity, and risk for both you and your suppliers. Fortunately, there’s the SAP Ariba payment capability. You can finally combine multiple payment methods with timely remittance that is fully contextual to the transaction details. Suppliers gain full visibility into that detail even before their payment, which goes a long way toward minimizing those payment-status calls.

Now you can complete the procure-to-pay process simply, with a high degree of security and certainty about who is paying, to whom, for what, and when. All because Ariba Network’s capacity for facilitating buyer-supplier collaboration has been enhanced with our partners' expertise in securely managing sensitive bank information and moving money.


Product Features

Certain, simple, and secure payment

When a supplier’s employee enters bank information or assigns the SAP Ariba payment capability Merchant ID, it’s verified by another user and validated by SAP Ariba processes before it goes live. This way, payments go to the right place.

Laptop showing SAP Ariba's AribaPay software on screen

Certain settlement

With track-and-trace capabilities, and visibility into payment status, suppliers can quickly and easily reconcile payments and improve forecasts.

Secure processes

When you tie payments directly to your P2P process, the risks of fraud and accidental exposure of sensitive supplier bank information pretty much go away.

Secure compliance

All regulatory and compliance checks, such as those required by banking regulations and the Office of Foreign Asset Control, are automatically conducted every day.

Simple technology

Through a single user interface, buyers can manage the P2P process end-to-end, while suppliers can enjoy a simple user experience and single source of rich information regarding their payments.

Simplify for even more savings

Save by simplifying. And find a better use for the resources you’ve dedicated to fielding payment status and reconciliation calls.

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In the U.S. or Canada?

The payment capability for the U.S. and Canada combines the strength of Ariba Network and the Discover Network's payments infrastructure to help ensure the certainty, simplicity, and security of all your payments.

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Innovations in B2B Payments Spawns New Potential

Make it easy for suppliers to receive and reconcile payments, while improving your on-time payment performance and reducing associated risks. This paper explains how.

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