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Get this built-in capability with SAP Ariba procurement solutions

Available at no additional cost with SAP Ariba Buying and SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing, guided buying gives your employees a simple, elegant way to buy smarter. It’s an intuitive experience that leads them to follow procurement guidelines and best practices – without the need to know them before they shop.

Guided buying helps you boost user adoption to reduce savings leakage and maverick spend, while it helps your employees to:

  • Easily buy from your preferred suppliers the goods and services they need to do their jobs
  • Effectively and efficiently collaborate with suppliers and category experts
  • Quickly complete purchasing transactions
  • Effortlessly comply with your purchasing policies and procedures

Product Features

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A simple experience that simplifies procurement operations. Intuitive screens and a single gateway for completing any procurement request makes low-dollar, high-volume requests completely self-service.

Laptop with SAP Ariba's Guided Buying application showing on screen

Real-time guidance

Users know while shopping when a purchasing or budget policy is violated, rather than finding out after submitting a request. You set rules that may allow them to proceed with the exception or require a different purchase.

Cost savings

Through greater compliance, less savings leakage, and easier supplier collaboration, significant savings can be allocated to more strategic organizational initiatives.

Supplier management and collaboration

Integration with other SAP Ariba solutions facilitates both supplier management and collaboration on one-off purchases, with the ability to select preferred suppliers as well as request quotes via Ariba Network.

Internal collaboration

Based on what the user is buying and where the user is located, guided buying gives instant access to the category expert in that user’s purchasing unit.

Persona-based dashboards

The guided buying capability can be flexibly configured to align forms, permissions, and system behavior for each user, presenting them with customized tiles and categories to streamline purchasing.

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