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Network-based collaboration reduces inventory levels while increasing fill rates and productivity

Achieve complete supply chain visibility with SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration. Integrated with your ERP and supply chain optimization systems, this collaboration platform equips you to work safely and easily with multiple tiers of contract manufacturers and suppliers across key supply chain planning and execution processes.

  • Share production forecasts, orders, quality, and inventory information with suppliers and obtain their responses in real time.

  • Anticipate and resolve supply assurance problems quickly with collaboration dashboards that alert you to supply and demand mismatches.

  • Onboard all your suppliers using our on-demand tools, multiple integration options, and supplier enablement teams with decades of onboarding expertise.

Supply Chain Collaboration: Product Features

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Broad collaboration

Collaborate in real time, with suppliers and contract manufacturing organizations across multiple processes, systems, and geographies, on key supply chain planning and execution processes like ordering, forecasting, quality, and inventory management.

Tablet showing the SAP Ariba supply chain software on the screen

Actionable intelligence

Dashboards help you identify supply-demand mismatch and quality issues quickly, displaying supplier responses and status of their commitments to your forecasts, orders, quality notifications, and inventory pulls.

Improved compliance

With standards-based and secured electronic communications, as well as customized configuration of inter-company supply chain business rules, drive greater compliance with orders delivered correctly and on time.

Efficient onboarding

Multiple integration options ensure that sophisticated suppliers will participate. Use simple, on-demand tools to onboard the rest. Experts are available 24/7 to help you plan, prioritize, and execute.

Easy integration

Integrate this solution with any back-office system. Packaged integration is available with SAP ERP and supply chain solutions.

Fast time-to-value

Achieve fast time-to-value through efficient onboarding and quick deployment of this user-friendly solution, encouraging broad adoption by internal teams and external trading partners.

Add-Ons to Enhance Supply Chain Collaboration

Forecast Add-On

Get early visibility into supply availability with the forecast add-on, which helps you and your trading partners align on supply and demand planning over multiple time horizons.

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Inventory Add-On

With real-time visibility into inventory managed by your trading partners, this add-on can drive down working capital, excess inventory, and carrying costs by optimizing inventory levels.

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Quality Add-On

Resolve issues quickly and boost customer satisfaction by using this add-on to gain visibility into quality issues and automate information exchange between you and your trading partners.

Read about the quality add-on

Supply Chain Collaboration Resources

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Watch a demo replay

Watch this replay of our live demo, including overview and Q&A, to learn how to collaborate with your trading partners on supply chain planning and execution processes.

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Supplier Collaboration and Strategic Sourcing Inform Next Generation Product Design

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In this article from Supply Chain Brain, you'll read how the advent of business networks on cloud platforms enables real-time visibility into supply chain conditions.

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Build a resilient supply chain

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The Business Network and Its Impact on the Larger Ecosystem

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