3 Steps to Best-in-Class Payables

Would you describe your AP department today as something like a central hub of excellence, insights, and intelligence for your enterprise? Or that your finance shared services are a center of corporate intelligence that can provide valuable insight back to the business?

Some are getting there, but most have a long way to go before they resemble anything like that. In fact, according to a recent survey by Ardent Partners …

  • 66 percent of all invoices processed by organizations are still manual
  • 48 percent say that a high percentage of invoice exceptions is one of their top challenges
  • 34 percent struggle with a lack of visibility into invoice and payment data

If you identify with any of those stats, watch this webinar replay for more research insights and to see what strategies will lift AP from the transactional trenches to higher ground.

This webinar will help you…

  • benchmark your AP organization and understand what best-in-class looks like
  • understand the technology that best-in-class organizations are using now and planning to use in the next two years
  • identify three strategies to take AP from a transactional center to a dynamic hub of intelligence