B2B E-Payments: 5 Strategies to Unlock Value in Your Procure-to-Pay Chain

Ardent Partners shares new research, and outlines best-in-class payment strategies

Did you know that cost per payment in best-in-class companies is 10 times lower than in other companies?

How are these high-performers achieving this significant result? What other hidden value are they uncovering across the procure-to-pay (P2P) chain?  What payment strategies and technologies can you adopt to attain best-in-class?

Listen in to this webcast for the five strategies you can use to craft real supplier payment strategies and drive value throughout the P2P chain. You’ll learn how…

  • AP can gain control and bring transparency to both suppliers and Treasury during the payment process
  • Treasury can benefit from better cash flow control, optimized DPO, and reduced risk
  • Procurement can benefit from advanced payment processes, including the ability to drive more supplier participation in e-commerce and P2P initiatives


Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
Drew Hofler, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, SAP Ariba