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Better Together

Strengthening collaboration between procurement and accounts payable

Though procurement and accounts payable (AP) have historically held different priorities and goals, aligning these two critical functions can deliver huge gains for your business.

This paper explores the often-missed synergies between procurement and AP and describes the benefits both sides gain by coming together through a connected, collaborative source-to-pay process. Detailed scenarios and use cases compare outcomes for typical vs. optimal approaches, with a wide array of best practices that make it easy to:

  • Improve KPIs for more meaningful measurement of success

  • Assess the impact of source-to-pay operations on your prices, suppliers, and supply chain

  • Model the savings your organization can realize through a next-generation approach

By providing a clear and compelling overview on the value of procurement/AP alignment, this in-depth paper can help you improve efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line.


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