ePayables: Higher Ground: The State of ePayables

Chapter one from Ardent Partners’ in-depth study

In 2015, more accounts payable (AP) groups than ever are accelerating plans to transform their operations from a simple back-office function to a central hub of corporate intelligence and analytics. May seem like a lofty goal, but certainly attainable, according to Ardent Partners. All it takes is to approach it step by step, beginning with a look at what’s happening within your organization and in the AP world at-large.

This chapter presents a compelling view of the state of AP, based on Ardent Partners’ recent survey of 175 AP and finance leaders. What you’ll learn in reading the chapter includes…

  • how AP is looking beyond improving efficiencies to taking on more strategic initiatives
  • why automation is a top priority for AP transformation
  • what benefits can be achieved when AP and procurement collaborate
  • why the scourge of AP, exception handling, should be eliminated
  • why AP leaders rank improvements in analytics and intelligence as top priorities

This is a 14-page chapter. You can download the full 40-page report here.