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Essential Metrics to Benchmark Source-to-Pay Efficiency and Effectiveness

Metrics and benchmarks that measure process efficiency and effectiveness across the entire source-to-pay process

Your new, digital procurement system is fully implemented, your organization is live with transactions flowing through the system. Separately, your sourcing department has started running sourcing events on their e-sourcing tool and claim that they are doing tens of events each week.

But how do you know that it is working according to plan? How does your current performance compare to peers? How do you identify pain points with your new implementation?

Download this SAP Ariba report to measure the success of your implementation or improve your current performance. You’ll learn:

  • The essential metrics to measure source-to-pay performance
  • The gaps between your organization’s current performance against peer 
  • How to improve your performance within the process areas
Download More about SAP Ariba benchmarking