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How the right procurement technology can make buying simpler for customers

As one of world’s leading industrial suppliers, Grainger is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. This means making it as efficient as possible to buy Grainger products and services.

Many of its customers are already on Ariba Network, so designating it one of its preferred platforms makes buying from Grainger simple. SAP Ariba solutions also allow Grainger to take advantage of the unique catalog interchange format and PunchOut feature to integrate its catalogs with customers’ procurement systems.

The SAP Ariba Discovery service makes it possible to respond immediately to customer sourcing requests. And once an order is placed, the SAP Ariba Invoice Management solution enables Grainger to electronically process POs and manage invoices.

Now, with instant access to detailed data on millions of Grainger products, the buying process is much easier for customers and more efficient and cost-effective for Grainger.

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