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PAT Chat: Kathy Hinton Talks Technology, Role of Procurement, and Digital Transformation

In procurement and supply chain, few thought leaders stand out like Kathy Hinton, particularly when it comes to shining a light on trends in digital transformation and on the encouraging rise of women in the field.

Kathy Hinton is president of Agilitology and the former CPO of Tesoro. In this chat with SAP Ariba’s Pat McCarthy, she discusses the role that technology and procurement play in leading business transformation. Kathy points out that procurement creates maximum strategic value when it “really delivers something that’s impactful to the bottom line, not just savings, but perhaps innovation also, perhaps a different way to look at customers who also happen to be suppliers.”

As you watch this chat, you'll hear Kathy share her belief that, when you can connect yourself to the company’s overall strategy and they see how you as a procurement leader contribute to their ultimate success, you can deliver amazing things.

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