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SAP Ariba Services Outcome Framework

From set-up to post go-live, the Outcome Framework program strives to make sure you see value from your solutions

SAP Ariba Services is entirely focused on helping you deliver organizational value with your SAP Ariba solutions. Our Outcome Framework program aligns with your strategic, financial, and operational goals to ensure a long-term, successful project. Not only do we help users focus on the technology or process, but we also strive to help them see continuous value from your solution subscription.

When you work with us and together we apply the framework, you’ll follow a success path that consists of:

  • Outcome alignment: Defining success metrics, key performance indicators, and user goals
  • Enablement strategy: Mapping core business processes to procurement best practices
  • Ongoing adoption: Helping users adopt new innovations as they are released

For a visual summary of the framework, take a look at this infographic.

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