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SAP Aribaの幅広いソリューションポートフォリオをご覧いただき、SAP Aribaがいかにイノベーションを急ピッチで推進し、調達・購買、フルフィルメント、ファイナンシャルサプライチェーンマネジメントのプロセスをシンプルかつスマートにしているかをご確認ください。複雑さを取り除き、調達から決済までのすべてを一元的に管理するツールをバイヤーとサプライヤーに提供します。

SAP Aribaはオープン
- SAP Aribaはすべてのシステム、そしてあらゆる種類の製品とサービスに対してオープンです。バイヤーとサプライヤーの世界最大のネットワークにアクセスして、最適なビジネスパートナーとコラボレートし、アプリや拡張機能によりソリューションを拡張するための革新的な方法を提供します。

SAP Aribaはスマート - SAP Aribaは、複雑さを取り除き、バイヤーとサプライヤーが契約から支払いまでのすべてを一元的に管理できる、エンドツーエンドの自動化システムを提供します。

SAP Aribaはシンプル - SAP Aribaは、貴社のビジネス要件に適合するパートナーとの間で長期的な信頼関係を形成し、管理するのに必要なインサイトを提供します。また、ポリシーと設定によって、効率的で誤りのないトランザクションを自動的に遂行できるようにします。

Put innovation to work

Reshape how procurement works for your employees with SAP intelligent technology. Simplify searches with natural language processing. Rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide targeted content and tailored steps that guide users and give them just what they need throughout the procurement process. Meanwhile, processes like invoice and PO reviews can be smarter and faster with a system that automatically checks fields, line-item details, account codes, and more to reduce exceptions, increase accuracy, strengthen cost control.

image depicting woman putting SAP Ariba procurement software and solutions innovation to work

Manage all spend in one place

Gain more control over spending by bringing all indirect and direct spend, as well as services procurement, into one system. From contract and catalog items to one-off tail spend, you can ensure your policies are applied consistently for greater compliance. By integrating direct materials procurement into your PLM system and process, you can bring effective cost control to product planning and protect your margins through delivery. And you can manage the unique industry requirements of pre-negotiated MRO, unplanned repairs, and work orders tied to owned assets.

Image of man in warehouse suggesting concept of managing all spend in one place using SAP Ariba procurement software and solutions

Control spending globally

SAP Ariba procurement software and solutions are available in more than 190 countries and 24 languages, supported by 13 global data centers, to help you simplify spending and strengthen compliance around the world. Eliminate manual tax data maintenance and integrate global tax intelligence with transactions automatically to get tax right the first time, every time. The solution supplies the technology that will support you in your compliance journey and configure your invoice process to be consistent with regulatory requirements across 85 countries.

Image of Asian woman to imply managing all spend globally using SAP Ariba procurement software and solutions

Collaborate over SAP Business Network

Take supplier collaboration to a more strategic level. Automatically share information with suppliers to sync your needs with their capacity; increase the accuracy of requests, orders, and invoices; and give your buyers an intelligent way to work with suppliers on everything from sophisticated planning to detailed specs for catalog purchases. Increase the accuracy of invoices to speed up both processing and payments. Access millions of suppliers across hundreds of categories, so you can bring more categories of spend under management without increasing the demands on your team.

SAP Business Network
Image of male computer user to suggest collaborating over Ariba Network using SAP Ariba procurement software and solutions

A Perfect Match: Spot Buy and Amazon Business

Watch how we've integrated Amazon Business into SAP Ariba solutions to help your employees buy better – while giving you control over supplier selection, content, user accessibility, and price allowance.

Choosing SAP Ariba means choosing a leader

Millions of software users submit to peer review sites authentic and unbiased reviews of the solutions they use for improving their businesses. Based on these reviews, SAP Ariba solutions are recognized as leaders in the market.

G2 Top 50 Product for Finance 2021 Award Badge
SAP Ariba listed as #1 vendor

Download the G2 Summer 2021 Procure to Pay Report, in which SAP Ariba is listed as the #1 vendor in the procurement space based on customer reviews.

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2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice badge
SAP Ariba named a Customers’ Choice

SAP Ariba has received 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice recognition for procure-to-pay suites. We believe it’s because of our deep commitment to a customer-first approach.

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TrustRadius Top Rated 2021 Award Badge
SAP Customers Have Spoken

TrustRadius has awarded SAP the coveted 2021 Top Rated Award in the Procurement Software category, based solely on customer reviews. This recognition accompanies the Best Feature Set and Best Usability awards received earlier this year.

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Source-to-Pay Solutions

Connect virtually every step and piece of data together across the entire source-to-pay process, so you can reduce leakage, increase speed, and strengthen control over spending.

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SAP Business Network

A dynamic, digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers from more than 6.7 million companies can find each other, collaborate, and trade more than $8.7 billion in goods and services every day.

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