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SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcingソリューションポートフォリオを利用することにより、直接材、間接材、サービスを問わず、あらゆる種類の支出に関して、調達、契約、支出分析のプロセス全体を一か所で管理できます。これらのソリューションを、実行および調達・購買プロセスに統合することにより、以下のことが可能になります。

  • 企業全体のすべての購入を集約、分類する
  • 可視性を得て、支出をセグメント化し、コスト削減の機会を特定する
  • ソース ツー コントラクト プロセスをチームまたはビジネスユニット間で標準化する
  • すべての支出カテゴリーで品目のコスト削減と最適化を推進する
  • 交渉済みのコスト削減を完全に実現する
  • 業務を迅速化し、チームのスループットを向上させる
  • より優れたサプライヤーやイノベーションのパートナーを見つけてリスクを低減する

SAP strategic sourcing solutions

Three women sitting around a coffee table talking
Sourcing for Indirect and Direct Materials

Create best-value sourcing agreements for indirect materials using SAP Source-to-Contract Suite or for direct materials using SAP Strategic Sourcing Suite.

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Two industrial machinery workers in default image for page about the SAP Product Sourcing solution
Product Sourcing Solutions from SAP

Equip sourcing and commodity management teams to establish high-value sourcing agreements that meet the unique needs of automotive and industrial manufacturing companies.

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An executive smiles as he stands in an office hallway realizing the benefits of SAP Ariba Spend Analysis software
SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

Organize all spend data from across different systems and identify and prioritize sourcing opportunities more easily.

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis
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SAP Ariba Discovery for buyers

A free buyer-supplier matching service, putting a world of high-quality suppliers at your fingertips to drive bids for your business up, and your costs down.

SAP Ariba Discovery

Strategic Sourcing Resources

A blue field of data points streams across a dark background.

Top Seven Issues Facing Procurement Leaders in 2023 and How to Solve Them

Explore the top issues facing you as a procurement leader in 2023, including reducing risk, containing costs, and driving corporate sustainability.

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Transform Product Sourcing for Highly Engineered Products to Compete and Win

Read how you can support new product introductions with product sourcing solutions from SAP and cloud extensions.

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Abstract tech image promoting article on about 4 Reasons to Digitize Your Direct Spend Procurement Processes

4 Reasons to Digitize Your Direct Spend Procurement Processes

This article by Supply Chain Brain explores four reasons to digitize, including how a holistic view of spending can help ensure that contractual terms are enforced and negotiate savings are realized.

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Mining equipment in image promoting success story about SAP customer Kennametal

Customer Interview: Kennametal

"We're using contracts, spend analytics, SAP Ariba Discovery, e-auctions ... We've actually increased our annual cost reduction, our cost-out from sourcing, by 50%. We've done that with 25% to 30% less resources in the global sourcing organization."

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