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Register on Ariba Network for access to the tools you need

As a registered supplier on Ariba Network, you have access to online tools that make responding to a customer’s request easy and efficient. If you’re not yet registered, use the link in the margin to take care of that step.

Once you’re registered, you’ll use SAP Ariba Sourcing to exchange information with your customer. Below we've provided some resources to help you with the process.

What's an RFI? An RFP?

Request for Information (RFI)

An RFI usually precedes a request for proposal (RFP) or an auction. Buyers use RFIs to gather data or comments from suppliers so they can qualify participants for a follow-up event. You don’t typically need to provide pricing information at this stage and you might have several days or weeks to respond. The SAP Ariba Sourcing tool features a countdown clock that lets you track how much time you have left to respond to an RFI.

Image suggesting a supplier responding to an RFI on Ariba Network
Image suggesting that goods can be sold via the RFP process on Ariba Network

Request for Proposal (RFP)

The RFP is generally regarded as the second step of a longer sourcing process. Buyers explain their business needs and ask how you can address them. They’ll want details about the goods and services you offer, your production capacity, and your prices. Buyers can use this information to set up an auction, determine which lots to invite you to, and intelligently set up your ceiling prices. Typically, you might have several days or weeks to respond to an RFP.

And a little about auctions

In SAP Ariba Sourcing, an auction is known as a reverse auction. It’s an online event in which suppliers respond to RFIs and RFPs in real time with bids to provide specific goods or services. When you participate in a reverse auction, sourcing professionals evaluate your bidding documents and provide feedback on how your bid compares with other participants’. Depending on how the event is configured, that feedback can take the shape of comparisons with the lead bid, overall bid ranking, and bid-comparison graphs.

Start with these resources

Find more resources in the Help Center

The Help Center in SAP Ariba Sourcing offers numerous resources to provide step-by-step guidance on how to respond to RFIs and RFPs.

Use the Help Center in SAP Ariba Sourcing

Visit SAP Ariba Sourcing using the link above

Click on Help Center in the upper-right corner

Type “participate in sourcing events” in the search box

Watch the video tutorials of your choice

Click "View More" to find additional tutorials, articles, and documentation

More Information

SAP Ariba Help Center

Suppliers can find links to get help when collaborating with customers on orders and invoices, leads, proposals, and contracts.

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