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Leading companies around the world rely on SAP Ariba to help them discover, connect, and collaborate in today’s digital economy while cutting costs and risks and driving growth. Here are just a few of their successes:

Buyer Success Stories

Nufarm grows a better tomorrow through transparency and reducing costs

Watch this video to see how Nufarm has delivered supply chain excellence on a global scale, generating sustainable savings.

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Deutsche Bahn transforms supplier relationship management with SAP Ariba

When this German transportation leader expanded internationally, they chose SAP Ariba’s cloud-based solution to make procurement easy and cost-effective wherever they’re doing business.

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Accenture elevates procurement with guided buying

Accenture uses the SAP Ariba guided buying capability to help their employees around the world buy what they need while also helping the company achieve contract compliance and savings.

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Step Up for Students: Transforming the lives of students

With SAP Ariba, this non-profit is enabling families to customize their educational path, make better-informed decisions, and purchase educational materials to help students reach their goals.

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Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group streamlines supply chain with SAP Ariba

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group wanted to streamline its sourcing and contract management processes. Now, with a more transparent and collaborative process, the company has seen savings of up to 71%.

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Visibility into spend data allows PT Berau Coal to save on costs

Through deep analysis and better visibility into spend data, working with SAP Ariba has delivered a more efficient and accurate purchasing operation for this mining company.

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Lion digitizes supply chain and procurement with SAP Ariba

By digitalizing and simplifying their supply chain and procurement processes, Lion Corporation has reduced labor, sped-up approvals, and optimized marketing costs through purchase control.

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Hindustan Zinc integrates their entire value chain to drive growth

Hindustan Zinc worked with SAP Ariba to create an integrated and scalable sourcing and supplier management system that helps them digitally manage the speed and scale of growth.

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SAP runs SAP Ariba

SAP is using the latest technologies to become an Intelligent Enterprise, moving away from traditional SRM into a new world with SAP Ariba’s guided buying capability.

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Supplier Success Stories

Bechtle AG shares their Ariba Network journey

Martin Meyer, head of e-procurement for Bechtle AG, shares how his company first got started on Ariba Network and how they’ve now become a fully integrated supplier.

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Insight builds meaningful connections to make businesses run smarter

Learn about the role SAP Ariba and Ariba Network play in helping Insight connect with clients, understand their needs, and formulate best-fitting solutions.

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Key to Alpha CRC’s marketing mix is SAP Ariba Discovery

Watch this short video to learn how consulting company Alpha CRC is using SAP Ariba Discovery to find new customers.

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Coates Hire transforms their customer experience with Ariba Network

Coates Hire’s vision is to build a better future, and the stability and innovation of the SAP Ariba platform helps this SAP Ariba customer deliver on that vision.

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Bunzl explains what sets SAP Ariba apart from the competition

Johnson Oen of Bunzl Australasia describes how the support SAP Ariba provided during their integration project sets us apart from other business networks.

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Spot buy exceeds expectations for small supplier company

Learn how this Ariba Network supplier is using SAP Ariba as a channel to generate more sales, at a lower cost per sale, while also helping raise awareness about their green products.

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