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Get a unified view of spend data for smarter business decisions

Managing spending has never been more critical, and spend management excellence now takes more than just increasing compliance and reducing costs. Procurement, finance, and supply chain leaders are being asked to help fund both innovation and core business growth. Orchestrate multi-tier supply chains while managing supplier risk. And engage a changing workforce and support new business models while also protecting employees and the brand.

That’s a lot. And the only way to succeed is by controlling each spend category while simultaneously coordinating spending and policy across categories. Traditional solutions can’t do that. They just prop up organizational silos. But with Intelligent Spend Management, you can do both. Because only with SAP can you achieve:

  • Comprehensive supplier and policy management – Supporting all categories of spend, be there every time money is spent, regardless of the source of that spending, and capture that data
  • Best-in-class control of each spend category – Optimize indirect materials, direct materials, services, external labor, and travel and expense
  • A unified view of spending – Bring spend data together from across all sources and categories and understand total costs so you can work with colleagues to make smarter, faster spending decisions

Take your organization to the next level with Intelligent Spend Management from SAP. Choose SAP Ariba for direct and indirect, SAP Fieldglass for services, and SAP Concur for T&E.


Intelligent Spend Management: An Overview

You’re spending money on indirect and direct materials, travel and expense, and your external workforce. Watch how SAP’s cloud companies, together with SAP HANA, can bring your data into one unified view.

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Now you can put decades of spend management experience and innovation to work with best-in-class solutions from SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Concur. Achieve fast time-to-value through industry best practices delivered by simple and appealing user experiences.

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A Simple Presentation: Intelligent Spend Management

Watch this short whiteboard presentation to see how SAP Ariba Vice President James Marland illustrates the Intelligent Spend Management story in a simple and entertaining way.

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The Business Value of Intelligent Spend Management

Get this IDC InfoBrief for an analyst’s view on why managing spend is more critical than ever, how Intelligent Spend Management reduces complexity, and where businesses are applying it.

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Something great happens when you integrate the market’s best solutions for managing goods and services procurement, as well as T&E, with the fast and powerful SAP HANA platform. From source to pay, you can bring disparate, company-wide spending data into single, near-real-time view without cobbling together reports from different systems.

Brief about SAP Ariba Intelligent Spend Management being key to SAP Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Intelligent Spend Management White Paper

Implementing a real-time, Intelligent Spend Management strategy is the best way to minimize uncertainty while you tackle the complexities of modern spend management.

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SAP Ariba Intelligent Spend Management is a key component of SAP Intelligent Enterprise

Become an Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Spend Management is a component of SAP’s solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise. Find out how you can respond to customer needs, engage talent in new ways, create disruptive business models, and more.

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SAP Ariba Solution Brief: Intelligent Spend Management

In direct and indirect procurement, you still need to deliver what you always have: productivity, visibility, compliance, and savings. This brief explains how to achieve it.

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SAP Ariba for direct and indirect procurement

SAP Ariba contributes to your unified view of spending by connecting data from across the source-to-pay process for direct and indirect materials. We create insightful experiences and processes that help you tackle changing priorities and get more done.

Data from any source

Access data from any source – while it stays where it lives – and improve it, enhance it, and put it to work instantly, when and where you need it

End-to-end intelligence

Embed intelligence from end to end so you can see the whole picture and make smarter, more informed choices at every decision point

Connected processes

Connect direct and indirect procurement processes across your organization to keep spend data flowing while insights help everyone continuously change and enhance results

Risk mitigation

Mitigate threats to your supply chain, operations, and reputation with reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of supplier information, spend, performance, and risk

Automatic connections

Reach beyond your four walls to connect automatically with data from suppliers and other sources, as well as the cumulative intelligence generated by $11 trillion in global commerce conducted on Ariba Network

Analyst reports and more

For more on topics critical to best practices in Intelligent Spend Management, download your copies of these reports from SAP and leading analysts.

The Best-in-Class Solutions

Man on his laptop at night with city skyline in background
SAP Ariba

Transform your procurement and supply chain processes to work more effectively with your trading partners on Ariba Network.

Direct and indirect spend solutions
A group of coworkers listen as one explains the benefits of Services Procurement
SAP Fieldglass

Simplify how service providers – from consulting firms to field services, maintenance to marketing agencies, and beyond – are sourced, engaged, and managed.

External workforce solutions
View of the Earth at night as city lights show the network grid
SAP Concur

Better manage your expense, travel, and invoice processes with solutions that give you greater visibility into company spend and help you better manage cash flow.

Travel and expense solutions

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