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Make payables strategic for a strong financial supply chain

Market-leading financial supply chain management solutions from SAP Ariba give you the capabilities, intelligence, and global reach to transform your payables from liabilities into strategic assets. You can finally eliminate manual processes that make it costly and time-consuming to manage exceptions and enforce compliance. Our solutions can also help your business to:

  • Automate invoice capture, workflow and approval

  • Eliminate invoice exceptions

  • Ensure invoices are linked to purchase orders, contracts, and service sheets

  • Keep up with jurisdictional invoice tax regulations

  • Increase free cash flow and improve working capital metrics

  • Reduce costs and liquidity risk in your supply chain

  • Capture more early payment discounts

Only SAP Ariba makes it possible to have solutions seamlessly integrated with the most comprehensive procurement platform and the world’s largest business network to deliver full visibility from source to settle, for more effective financial supply chain management. Unlock the trapped value from your payables and streamline transactions and invoice management — making life better for everyone with a stake in your financial supply chain.

SAP Ariba Financial Supply Chain Management Portfolio

Financial Supply Chain Resources

Woman standing in front of man in a chair at office

How We Did It: Financial Supply Chain

Managing payables and keeping suppliers happy can be challenging. With financial supply chain solutions from SAP Ariba, suppliers know when they’re getting paid – and you look like a hero.

DPO and On-Time Payment Performance, from Metrics to Legal Mandates

How’s your B2B payment performance in Europe? Legislation is empowering suppliers to collect interest on late payments and governments to dictate payment terms. For a plan to improve your performance, read this paper.

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Overhead view of a man moving a palette with a hand forklift on the warehouse floor

Working Capital Management: The Missing Link in Payables and P2P

A recent survey shows that many companies have automated P2P to some extent, but most haven’t taken P2P transformation far enough to realize the benefits of optimized cash and working capital.

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Adoption of Ariba Network has been great. Suppliers can track invoice status and payment schedules online, which reduces the volume of help desk calls. What's more, many are taking advantage of early-payment offers to improve their cash flow.

Hanif Dhrolia, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
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