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Smart invoice management: The foundation for a healthy financial supply chain

Invoice automation can lower processing costs by about 60 percent – reason enough to use invoice management software. But only SAP Ariba offers smart invoicing through Ariba Network. With smart invoicing, network business rules alert suppliers about errors and prevent incorrect invoices from entering your process workflow or back-end system. What’s more, you can capture and automate the processing of all your invoices, including PDF invoices, non-PO invoices, and invoices for complex services. This enables close to 100 percent touchless processing, as well as:

  • Accelerated cycle time
  • Automated exception-handling
  • Stronger compliance
  • Reduced savings leakage
  • Supplier visibility into payment status
  • Improved cash flow for your suppliers
  • Automated capture of negotiated terms

Now, instead of spending its time handling paper, exceptions, and phone calls, your AP team can focus on more strategic pursuits. Like helping to free up cash and optimize working capital.

Solution Capabilities

  • The SAP Ariba smart invoice reconciling screen shows invoice line items and includes tax in the total amount due.


    The received-invoice screen includes invoice line items and includes tax in the total amount due.

  • Laptop screen showing SAP Ariba's invoice management to invoice approval steps


    SAP Ariba dashboard shows the status of your invoices and the required actions to take.

  • Laptop with SAP Ariba's Invoice Management Invoicing Paying application on screen


    Invoice in paying status (approved, not paid yet) shows amount due and amount remaining, so you can enforce compliance to contracts.

Cloud-based Electronic Invoicing

Tame the complexity of invoice processing on a global scale with an integrated solution suite for managing all your invoices.

Cloud-based Electronic Invoicing

SAP Ariba Invoice Management

Streamline the capture, processing, matching, and approval of all your invoices with this workflow solution.

SAP Ariba Invoice Management

SAP Ariba Contract Invoicing

Enforce compliance by enabling invoicing from contracts and automatic matching of invoices to contracts.

SAP Ariba Contract Invoicing

SAP Ariba Services Invoicing

Create and approve service entry sheets in real time, then quickly generate error-free invoices from them.

SAP Ariba Services Invoicing

Global Invoicing and Compliance

Put the power and reach of Ariba Network to work, achieving compliant, paperless invoice processing on a global scale — including VAT/tax compliance and data archival.

Global Invoicing and Compliance

Supplier Enablement Services

Use self-service tools to automate onboarding and interactions for any supplier, anywhere in the world. And if you need help, we have experienced service teams at the ready.

Supplier Enablement Services

Invoice Management Resources

Are you leaving money on the table?

We've put together a new info brief highlighting the reasons Procurement and Accounts Payable need to be on the same page in your P2P process. For an in-depth analysis, download the related white paper.

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