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Let SAP Ariba do the heavy lifting on order processing

Doing business in the digital economy requires organizations to tightly control their processes while also staying agile and flexible. That’s not an easy balance. To make it happen, your company must have the right tools for the job, especially for managing dynamic processes like procure-to-order. 

SAP Ariba Buying, our procure-to-order solution, helps your front-end procurement process operate with maximum efficiency while integrating seamlessly with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for invoice and payment processing.

This unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution also provides a fast, guided buying experience, streamlined catalog maintenance, and a configurable interface — which all help deliver quick ROI.

Product Features

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Fast launch, minimal support needed

Use SAP Ariba Buying procure-to-pay software as a subscription-based
service. There’s nothing to install and updates are automatic.

Laptop with SAP Ariba Buying on the screen

Guided buying

A simple and elegant shopping experience that helps employees buy goods and services compliant with your procurement guidelines.

Fast supplier enablement

Even when you need catalogs in multiple languages, with millions of SKUs, SAP Ariba helps to make supplier enablement fast and easy.

Easy catalog maintenance

Update your supply catalog in minutes. Automated catalog verification capability speeds updates, reduces workload, and improves accuracy.

Control with compliance

Only approved suppliers are searchable through the solution. Preferred suppliers and products are prioritized in SAP Ariba Buying based on relevance to search criteria. Contract pricing is also applied proactively.

Efficient collaboration

Extend your procure-to-pay process into the cloud, where you’ll connect and collaborate with your suppliers more efficiently on Ariba Network.