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Customer Success Day is a global program for SAP Ariba and SAP procurement and business networks customers. Each Customer Success Day is a one-day regional event developed to promote knowledge-sharing across this segment of the SAP Ariba and SAP customer community. Sponsored by customer companies, the days are designed to provide participants with:

  • Ways to optimize use of and investment in SAP Ariba solutions

  • Best-practice, innovative approaches to solving problems

  • Opportunities to meet and network with peers

  • Understanding of how SAP Ariba’s solutions and strategy can benefit their own customers

  • Access to SAP Ariba or SAP experts and decision makers

Customer Success Days are now being scheduled for 2020. To learn how to become a sponsor or host an event at your location, see the information below.

  • Topics you could explore

    While SAP Ariba or SAP experts (no sales reps) are on-hand to provide information in a supporting role, participating customers lead the discussions after suggesting and choosing specific business challenges they would like to address. Topics can include:

    • Best sourcing practices in your industry
    • Concerns about your supplier enablement strategy
    • The latest in best-in-class catalog management
    • How others in the region are measuring and acting on supplier performance data
    • How SAP Fieldglass solutions can help your business

    … or anything else that’s on your mind.

  • Be a Customer Success Day sponsor

    These gatherings are initiated by customer companies who want to sponsor them. Sponsor commitments include:

    • Hosting the event at one of your company's facilities
    • Meeting with SAP Ariba to determine the day’s objectives
    • Working with SAP Ariba to determine desired attendance profile and arrange event logistics, including:

      • Venue location and room size
      • Technical requirements (internet access, projector, flip charts, etc.)
      • Recommended hotel and discount rates, if possible

    If you’re interested in sponsoring a day, or you’d like us to consider a particular topic for discussion, e-mail Kathleen Conerty or contact your customer engagement executive.

    Please note

    Here are a couple important points to keep in mind if you’re interested in sponsoring a Customer Success Day:

    1. Planning: Topics and venues will be selected and prioritized based on the current calendar of events as well as interest in the proposed event. Given that invitations and travel arrangements must be coordinated, please allow for at least three months from acceptance of topic to the day of the event.
    2. Contingencies: Finalizing the sponsorship agreement and executing the event require SAP Ariba’s/SAP’s agreement on the chosen topic. Also needed is sufficient interest expressed on the part of the SAP Ariba customer community. Therefore, we’ll notify customers 45 days before a scheduled Customer Success Day as to whether or not the event is a go.
  • What about user groups?

    The Customer Success Day program is coordinated and managed by SAP Ariba, with some limited involvement on both our part and SAP's. That’s why user group events remain an option for customers who want to gather and share information with little-to-no involvement by us or SAP. If you’re interested in staging a regional or online user group event, e-mail Kathleen Conerty or contact your customer engagement executive.

Attend a Customer Success Day

Customer Success Days are being scheduled for 2020 and more will be added to the calendar in the weeks ahead. For the latest information, and to see a sample agenda, click the link below:

See calendar

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