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Benchmarking: The first step to best-in-class

SAP Ariba invites customers – both current and prospective – to enroll in a world-class benchmarking program, one that can more effectively help participants:

  • Establish a fact-based baseline of performance

  • Measure and compare solution adoption rates

  • Use empirical data to track performance

  • Identify the best ways to drive cost savings through greater efficiency and effectiveness

  • Build a success plan for improvement, with targets for internal initiatives

  • Quantify the savings achieved through improved performance

  • The best way to assess performance objectively

    The SAP Ariba Benchmark Program helps you assess your performance objectively by assimilating data from the following sources – as applicable to each participant’s situation – and putting it through a rigorous analytical engine:

    1. Pooled transaction data from across Ariba Network, the world’s largest business network
    2. Transaction data from your use of the application
    3. User-entered survey data

    Taken all together, the resulting analysis can provide participants with the most objective way to assess source-to-pay performance.

  • Program features

    The SAP Ariba benchmarking program is unique in the industry and leverages both application and survey data to assess each participating organization’s source-to-pay performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

    Comprehensive Coverage
    Strategic Insights
    Enhanced Analysis
    Report Readability
    1. Entire source-to-pay process spectrum
    2. Data from survey and usage of SAP Ariba solutions for sourcing, supplier management, contracts, and procure-to-pay
    3. Comparison between average and top quartile performers
    1. Strategic KPIs
    2. Operational KPIs that track solution usage and adoption


    1. Balance between strategic vs. operational KPIs
    2. Linkage between best-practice maturity and KPI performance
    3. Scorecard for executive overview
    1. Easy interpretation
    2. Executive summary and overview
    3. Relevant peer comparisons

    What’s more, we can now compare your SAP Ariba performance with the performance of other parts of the business that are not leveraging your SAP Ariba solution. For example, if you’re a user of SAP Ariba solutions for strategic sourcing, and you still use another solution for part of your sourcing program, or perform some of your sourcing tasks manually, you can provide us with information about your non-SAP Ariba sourcing activities and we can show you how your performance compares with your peers in that regard.

  • Available reports

    A benchmark report that includes:

    • Summarized key performance indicators highlighting performance areas on which to focus
    • Detailed analysis of your performance on more than 120 KPIs as compared to peers
    • Best-practice maturity model that illustrates gaps in current vs. target adoption of practices

    Download a sample report

    Reporting timelines

    • Annual reporting cycle (or as needed)

    • Adoption data is extracted for trailing 12 months from the start of the benchmarking program for the current fiscal year

    • Adoption data is combined with survey data from SAP's Next Gen Benchmarking platform to create benchmarking report

  • How to enroll

    Register and complete the survey on SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking platform. The survey generally takes between three to five hours to complete and can be completed at your convenience. If you need to save and resume, be sure to save your entries before closing the survey.

    If you need more information before enrolling, please e-mail us.

SAP Ariba’s benchmarking program is unparalleled because it incorporates inputs from various sources, unlike other industry benchmarking providers.

Ben Redwine, General Manager, SAP Ariba APJ

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