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Make risk assessment and due diligence part of the procurement process

With SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, you can help your buyers make smarter, safer decisions before purchase, simply by making risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process. And when your buyers are well-informed, they’ll make decisions that prevent supply chain disruptions. That helps you avoid damage to your revenue or reputation. Also, you’ll gain a high degree of confidence that your supplier information is correct and up to date.

This market-leading supplier risk solution lets you tailor risk views and alerts to your business, to each supplier relationship, and to your role. You can also segment suppliers based on your risk exposure. With a complete view of each supplier, you can make more timely, contextual, and accurate business decisions — and improve collaboration with your trading partners.

Supplier Risk Management: Product Features

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    Continuous monitoring

    Conduct continuous monitoring to protect your business from exposure to reputational, compliance, financial, and operational risks.

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    Comprehensive view of suppliers

    A truly comprehensive Supplier 360-degree view that aggregates business
    single view of the supplier’s profile, ongoing activities, and risk profile.

Risk alerts

Get risk alerts from automatic tracking of more than 130 risk incidents.

Syndicated data

Access syndicated data from more than 500,000 sources, including news sites, government data, disaster information systems, and public and private sources.

Ongoing assessments

Work with assessments and due diligence that factor in the context of your supplier relationship, ongoing engagement assessments, and external data to calculate your exposure to supplier risk.

ERP integration

Provide suppliers with an easy way to upload and maintain their own information, and make supplier risk management and due diligence part of your entire source-to-settle process, through integration with your ERP vendor master and SAP Ariba procurement applications.

Fast supplier management

Get scalable and rapid supplier onboarding, qualification, segmentation, and performance management with supplier risk insights through integration with the SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solution.

Consolidated information

Take advantage of consolidated supplier risk information from internal systems, Ariba Network relationship and procurement profiles, and external signals.

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