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Being a supplier on Ariba Network is one of best ways to participate in today's global digital economy. Here you'll find the support and resources you need to understand and take advantage of the opportunities and advantages Ariba Network offers, including information about:

  • Getting started

  • Integration and technology requirements

  • On-demand training resources

  • Live demos and webinars

More Resources

Help Center

Accessed within Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Discovery for support with the task at hand. You can also ask other users for help.

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Supplier Training

For tutorials and demos, visit the supplier login page. First click Help Center in the upper right corner, then Documentation at the bottom of that column. Log in for even more.

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SAP Ariba Customer Hub

Find direct links to our portals and learn about the different support channels for our customers.

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Live Demos and Webinars

Supplier Success Sessions

New to Ariba Network? Register for these webinars and demos with live Q&A. Topics include Ariba Network, registration, light accounts, auctions, RFI/RFP, invoicing, and more.

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Best Practice Webinars

Get helpful tips in 30 minutes or less. Attend a monthly best-practice webinar live or watch on demand. Topics include integration, account features, finding new customers, organizing multiple accounts, and more.

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PunchOut for E-Commerce Managers

Register for this live demo to learn how SAP Ariba’s PunchOut solution can benefit your business.

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Creating Electronic Catalogs

Register for a live demo to see how e-catalogs help your customers create error-free purchase orders.

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Integrating with Your Customers Through cXML

Attend a live demo to learn how electronic integration with your customers offers tangible business and technical benefits.

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