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New to SAP Ariba

One of your customers has contacted you about joining Ariba Network. If you’re new to electronic networks, you’re probably wondering what the invitation means.

Here’s why you got it: Your customer has invested in SAP Ariba solutions to improve the way they exchange orders, invoices, and payments with their suppliers. To make those improvements reality, your customer needs to set up connections through Ariba Network with you and their other suppliers.

Being part of Ariba Network also offers significant opportunities and advantages to your business.

  • Using SAP Ariba: What's in it for you?

    Ariba Network is designed to make your business commerce transactions more efficient, simple, and secure while helping you lower costs and grow revenue.

    SAP Ariba solutions and services can also help you to:

    • Find new customers actively looking for what you sell
    • Accelerate the sales cycle and lower the cost of sales
    • Drive more business with current customers
    • Be more responsive to customer needs
    • Improve cash flow and working capital
  • Getting started on Ariba Network

    Becoming an Ariba Network supplier is easy. Be sure to read this quick-start guide: Download

    Your customer has initiated a process that will unfold like this over the next few weeks:

    1. You’ll receive an email inviting you to join Ariba Network. It will be from The subject line will read: (Your customer) is converting to document exchange on Ariba Network.
    2. To register your company on the network, look for Action Required in the email and click on the link. Registration takes only a few minutes.
        • Complete your company profile with your company description, information about the products or services you offer, and your sales territories. This will also help other buyers on Ariba Network find you.
        • Review the Terms of Use. You’ll need to accept them to satisfy your customer’s request to do business through Ariba Network.
    3. Once your account is configured properly, you’ll be ready to transact with your customer electronically. Expect your customer to send you a purchase order as soon as one is available. (Learn how to receive an order here)
    4. You might receive additional emails depending on how your buyer wants to transact with you. For example, you might receive one with instructions on how to confirm that your account is properly configured to receive orders electronically.

      Your buyers often have more information they want to share with you, such as instructional guides, online demonstrations, and details on how to get assistance. If so, they’ll create a Supplier Information Portal that you’ll access through your account.

      If one of your buyers notifies you that they’ve done this, follow these steps to see the information they want to share:


      1. Log in to your account
      2. Click on your company name in the top-right corner of the page
      3. Go to Customer Relationships
      4. Select the Supplier Information Portal link


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