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SAP is extending access to SAP Ariba Discovery

COVID-19 is still affecting global supply chains. War rages in Ukraine. And the world is more connected than ever. Resulting disruption can spread faster and wider than what has been historically possible.

SAP has a responsibility to help maintain reliable and transparent supply chains that can make sure critical supplies reach the people and places where they are needed.

That is why we've extended access to SAP Ariba Discovery. Any buyer can post immediate sourcing needs and any of the more than four million suppliers on SAP Business Network can respond for free until further notice; that is, paying no SAP Ariba Discovery fees to communicate their ability to deliver needed goods and services.

Making Sure People Can Get the Food They Need

Al Dahra needed options for storing grain in desert conditions. SAP Ariba Discovery enabled them search globally to find what they needed quickly, avoiding shipment delays and solving the storage problem.

Buyers: Create connections that create resiliency

A resilient supply chain can help you overcome the volatility of global business and deliver a sustainable future. With more than six million suppliers in over 190 countries, representing $3.75 trillion in annual commerce, SAP Business Network connects the global business community to help you identify risk, adjust on the fly, and ensure continuity no matter what comes next.

It’s time to take action. SAP Ariba Discovery helps you bring the right partners to the table to give you more options as you face today’s challenges and disruptions.

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image promoting use of SAP Ariba Discovery for buyers during 2020 supply chain disruption events

Suppliers: Be the solution that opens opportunity

The health of the global supply chain is everyone’s business. And in times of uncertainty, we’re all in it together. By helping you help new customers deal with disruptions, SAP Ariba Discovery delivers more opportunity. You can get in front of more customers, help them create more versatility, and create the kind of connections that deliver sustainable growth.

It’s time to take action. Respond for free until further notice and open the door to new customers and new sources of revenue.

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image promoting use of SAP Ariba Discovery for buyers during 2020 supply chain disruption events


1. SAP Ariba Discovery is offered free of charge to all buyers at any time. Enterprise license fees apply when using the features of SAP Ariba Discovery through SAP Ariba Sourcing solution.

2. The offer to respond to buyers' postings at no fee until further notice applies only to use of SAP Ariba Discovery by suppliers. Additional restrictions may apply.


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