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Fulfill orders faster and reduce risk of errors with Ariba Network

As a supplier on Ariba Network, you can digitally receive purchase orders from your customers and respond quickly. Right from your Ariba Network account, you can take immediate action:

Process orders
Change orders
Confirm orders
Cancel orders
Create ship notices
Create full or partial invoices from the order

Being able to take swift action on your digital purchase orders means that you can be more responsive to your customers. Instead of manually sending updates back-and-forth, your customer will immediately be notified of your confirmation, changes, or ship notices.

In addition, when you receive a large volume of purchase orders, process automation can help you integrate and streamline. Send a purchase order to your own ERP systems, create work orders for your team, or generate an invoice.

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Get real-time visibility into payment status

The payment capability makes cash management easy. When your customers use it, you'll know when a payment is on the way and what it's for.

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Get rid of paper and go digital with electronic invoicing. It’s the smart invoicing approach that simplifies invoice processing to help you get paid on time.

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SAP Ariba Supplier mobile app

Use our role-based, action-oriented app to get timely notifications and take immediate action on orders and invoices.

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