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Boost sales and improve order accuracy with stronger catalog management

With electronic transactions now accounting for a majority of business-to-business sales, how your business shows up online has never been more critical. When you use SAP Ariba Catalog for digital catalog management, you can ensure that your current and prospective buyers can easily search for the goods and services you offer and see up-to-date information about them.

SAP Ariba Catalog offers flexible catalog management options for creating and maintaining catalogs that can drive customer adoption and increase wallet share, such as:

  • Static catalogs – Use a Microsoft Excel template to enter product and price information.
  • PunchOut catalogs – A consumer-like shopping experience that lets customers select purchases from a customized, shopping cart-enabled website. The PunchOut feature acts as a connector that bridges your e-commerce domain with the SAP Ariba interface.
  • Level II PunchOut – By providing advanced search capabilities to show richer and more specific content on SAP Ariba, Level II PunchOut can help you boost business visibility, attract more customers, and drive up sales.

What’s more, SAP Business Network provides you with a comprehensive dashboard to help you manage catalog activity, facilitate buyer-supplier collaboration, and stay on top of catalog updates.