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Direct Spend Management in the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain

Delivering cost efficiency, product quality, and speed-to-market

Download this IDC Industry Brief to explore the value of linking direct spend sourcing with design, manufacturing, and planning processes to build an intelligent digital supply chain.

You’ll read how direct materials sourcing has the single most significant impact on a manufacturer’s or retailer’s gross margins. How your trading partners can be a significant source of product innovation and help in driving speed-to-market. And why, with greater reliance on trading partners, complex supply networks, and increasing customer demands, running an intelligent supply chain has never been more important.

This brief also covers:

  • The important role of direct materials sourcing in product innovation and your supply chain
  • How intelligent tools can support direct materials sourcing and supply chain management
  • What a design-to-operate process that is integrated to your trading partners might look like in your company