Rethinking Working Capital Management as Interest Rates Rise

Learn how companies are changing their approach, along with new best practices and strategies

Working capital management has been a back-burner issue for many companies in the recent past. With interest rates at record lows for years, keeping DSO low and DPO high has not been a top priority. That's going to change as rates rise.

Review this webcast recording to learn how companies are changing their approach to working capital management in anticipation of rising rates. The discussion includes best practices and strategies for rising rates, as well as results from The Hackett Group’s recent benchmarking survey on working capital management.

You’ll learn:

  • Why working capital management should get more attention as rates increase
  • Benchmarks to compare against your own working capital management practices
  • Best practices to improve payables and receivables processes
  • How technology can help reduce DSO and increase DPO
  • Different management approaches to prepare for higher interest rates


Veronica Wills, Associate Principal, North America Working Capital Practice Lead, The Hackett Group

Phil Beck, Senior Vice President, SAP Ariba

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